Leather Martingale Dog Collar Personalized Name Plate 2" Wide - LM7N

Introducing our 2" Wide Leather Martingale Dog Collar with a personalized touch – a custom engraved name plate. This exceptional collar combines style, functionality, and individuality to create a unique accessory for your beloved canine companion.

Crafted from high-quality leather, the 2-inch wide strap not only exudes elegance but also ensures durability suitable for medium to large dogs. The martingale design features a tightening loop that gently corrects your dog's behavior without causing discomfort. This is particularly useful for dogs that may require extra guidance during walks or training sessions.

What sets this collar apart is the inclusion of a custom engraved name plate. The metal plate is securely attached to the collar and offers the perfect canvas for personalization. You have the opportunity to engrave your dog's name, contact information, or any other details you deem important. This not only adds a touch of individuality but also serves as a practical solution in case your furry friend ever goes missing.

The collar is equipped with a sturdy metal chain for controlled adjustment, preventing it from slipping off. The wide leather strap, combined with the martingale mechanism, ensures a secure fit for breeds with thick necks or those prone to slipping out of traditional collars.

As the leather ages, it softens, providing optimal comfort for your pet. Elevate your dog's style and safety with our 2" Wide Leather Martingale Dog Collar featuring a custom engraved name plate – a statement of both fashion and individuality for your furry friend.

USE: Used for walking. The martingale collar tightens slightly if the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much where it will choke the dog or harm his neck in any way. *Properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose whenever the dog is not pulling against the leash.

LM7N Martingale Collar Specs:

  • 9-10 oz. Black full Grain Bridle Leather is the base of the Martingale
  • Bonded Nylon Stitching
  • 2" Wide Tapers to 1" Wide on ends
  • Stainless Steel or Brass Chain
  • Martingale Chain (welded links, o-ring and d-rings)
  • Custom Engraved Name Plate (18g thickness)


NAMES: We will contact you if the name you want is too long to fit. We can do 2 Lines as well - EX. LINE 1: NAME - LINE 2: PHONE NUMBER.


We strongly recommend using a soft tape to measure. Measure the circumference in the area where you want it to sit on your dog's neck, with the dog on all fours. The neck size corresponds to your dog's neck circumference. example: 18" measurement choose 18" Neck Size. This will be the size when the collar is sitting on your dog's neck. When closed completely it can tighten 2" - 2.5". Also keep into consideration your dog's head size. If your dog's head is larger than its neck, you will use your dogs head measurement to determine the size you need so it can slip over it. If you have any doubts or need custom sizing please contact us.