Spring Pole by Pit Bull Gear

Introducing the O.G. of Spring Poles! The ultimate canine fitness solution designed to unleash boundless energy and provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend. Crafted with durability and resilience in mind, this robust exercise toy is built to withstand the most vigorous play sessions, making it an ideal choice for active dogs of all sizes and breeds.

The centerpiece of this innovative toy is the heavy-duty spring mechanism, engineered to absorb and distribute the impact of your dog's tugs and pulls, ensuring a safe and engaging play experience. The spring offers a dynamic and unpredictable resistance, promoting natural movements that engage your dog's muscles and enhance their strength and endurance.

Complementing the sturdy spring is a specially designed heavy-duty rope, built to endure the toughest play. Woven with high-quality materials, the rope provides a secure grip for your dog to sink their teeth into, encouraging healthy dental habits and fulfilling their instinctual urge to chew.

Installation is a breeze with the included heavy-duty hanging chain, allowing you to securely attach the Spring Pole to a sturdy tree branch or a beam. This setup ensures a 360-degree range of motion, allowing your dog to jump, pull, and play from various angles, enhancing their agility and coordination.

Watch as your dog experiences the joy of tugging, and jumping with the Heavy Duty Spring Pole Exercise Toy – a durable and entertaining addition to your pet's playtime routine that will keep them active, engaged, and happy for years to come. We have used our spring poles here at Pit Bull Gear for decades, so we made them to last a lifetime!


• Extra Heavy Duty Spring (will hold a dog of any weight under 300lbs.)

• Heavy Twisted Rope Toy attached with a Heavy Duty 3/8" snap hook. (Rope Toy is changeable)

• Heavy duty swivel attached to the spring with a 1250 Working Load Capacity

• 2 ft. of 5/16" Chain attached with a heavy duty quick link.

*See photos for different ideas to hang the spring pole.

*Rope Toys might not be same color as picture.

*Spring Poles are made to order and usually ship within 3 days however there is a possibly to take up to 5 days to ship depending on demand at that time.