NJ6 - 2 1/2" Personalized Military Leather Dog Collar

Personalized Military Leather Dog Collar - 2 1/2" Wide

NJ6 Specs:

    • 2 1/2" Wide
    • Heavy Duty Buckle, D-Ring, Metal Loop
    • Dome Rivets
    • Military Conchos

– Bonded Leather Color of your choice - see LEATHER COLOR CHART
– 9-10 oz. Latigo Leather is the base of the collar.
– Bonded Nylon Stitching.

NAMES: We will contact you if the name you want is too long to fit.


Measure your dog's actual neck size where the collar will sit (preferably with a soft tape). Then choose the size range that fits your dog's exact neck measurement. If your dog's neck size is an in between measurement always go with the larger size. Example 18" neck you should choose (16" - 20" Neck" rather then "14" - 18" Neck)

*If in doubt please contact us and we will be happy to help: please give us your dog's neck measurement when contacting us.

Collars with name plates attached can not be returned for store credit or exchanged.


Your custom name plate is made from Nickel Silver or Brass. It will require maintenance over time to keep it looking brand new.

NICKEL: If your nickel name plate begins to tarnish, use fine steel wool lightly over the top (be careful not to scratch the collar), use a jewelry polishing  pad for shine (optional), then lightly dab WD-40 or coconut oil on top.

BRASS: The gold coloring is known to tarnish, or appear dirty, due to chemical reaction caused by air or moisture. This may also cause your name plate to look worn out. If this occurs, simply use a soft cloth to wipe the tag, add Brass Polish and hand buff until you have it looking like new again.