About Us

Pit Bull Gear, LLC (pitbullgear.com) is a family owned & operated business whose main purpose when starting this company, was to be able to help promote the positive side of the breed all across the globe. Although very active in the Pit Bull Community for many years before the official launching of the business, it wasn't until we got sick of not seeing anything positive and fashionable for Pit Bull Owner's to wear that we decided to offer this type of apparel to the public. Since BSL was such a big thing that we were (and still are) fighting against, we decided our first design would be a statement tee "Ban Stupid People Not Dogs!" This tee was such a hit that we decided to officially launch a company to offer many positive statement tees in Feb. of 2007.

We design our apparel in the best way to represent the breed and who you are and what you stand for. Our apparel consists of everything from trendy Tee shirts to fashionable Women's clothing to Kids.

Our dog products are geared mostly for large powerful dog breeds. We take great pride in only providing products that we would use with our own dogs. Our collars, Harnesses & Leads are Heavy Duty and are made with excellent craftsmanship. (All of our leather products are made to order) However, we can make our leather items for any size dog.

Today, Pit Bull Gear is highly regarded as one of the top Merchandise companies for Bully Breeds. Providing Apparel, Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, accessories and much more! We are primarily an online business who frequents many dog shows/events throughout the South East.

Owners Allen & Connie Hudson have owned and worked with Bully Breeds for many years. Allen has owned "Bully" Breeds for over 30 years and is a US Navy Veteran having served in the Gulf War. Connie has owned "Bully" Breeds for over 15 years. Pit Bull Gear's Owners personal pack consists of APBT, AmStaffs, American Bullies, Pit Mixes and a French Bulldog. From Champion Show Dogs to Rescues, the main thing our dogs all have in common is they are our pets first! Pit Bull Gear has an always will be Breed Advocates, as that is what the company was built on.

Pit Bull Gear has been very active in the Pit Bull / Bully community for years and have been hosting a Pit Bull Awareness Day event every year since it's inception, a long with other Pit Bull Events to bring Awareness to the breed. Pit Bull Gear is dedicated to helping to preserve the Bully Breeds through their website, media outlets and dog shows throughout the country. Pit Bull Gear is very involved with Advocacy, Rescue and Fighting BSL. Pit Bull Gear donates thousands of dollars, raffle items and services to legitimate "good" rescues and advocacy groups throughout every year. When you purchase something from Pit Bull Gear, know that you are helping us do everything we can to help this wonderful breed throughout the world.

The following is a list of some of the Rescue Organizations/ Advocacy Groups/ Foundations we have donated to and continue to support: