Choke Chain Collar, Dog Choke Chain Collar, Heavy Duty Chain Collar 6mm


This Choke Chain Collar is Heavy Duty and Rugged. Chrome Plated Chain Links 6.0 mm thick links. It is a nice look on Larger Dogs and is great training tool for controlling Strong Dogs without the worry of breaking.

The Chain size is measured from the end of 1 ring to the other. Therefore the best way to get the correct size on these is to measure your dog's actual neck and add at least 3" - 4".
Ex. Dog's neck measures 20" add 4" for correct size of 24". *For sizes in between, we recommend you choose the larger size. *Also consider your dog's head size, if your dog's head is bigger then their neck then you will not be able to get the collar over his head unless you choose a size that will fit over their head.