W5 - 2" Cat Claw Spiked Dog Collar with Gems


2" wide Leather Dog Collar designed with 2 rows of 1 1/4" Cat Claws and a center row of gems. These collars come with a center "D" ring as well as one at the buckle. Available in different gem colors, leather color skins and sizes.
20" Length = 16"-18" Neck

22" Length = 18"-20" Neck
24" Length = 20"-22" Neck
26" Length = 22"-24" Neck
28" Length = 24"-26" Neck
30" Length = 26"-28" Neck


Measure your dog's actual neck (preferably with a soft tape). Then choose the length that Fits your dog's exact neck measurement. The Length would not be the same as your dog's neck measurement. We have taken into consideration that for a comfortable fit you must allow two fingers (1") to be able to fit between the collar and your dog's neck (no need to add inches for this), so there are adjustments for the exact neck size to fit correctly. If your dog's neck size is an in between measurement always go with the larger size.