Pit Bull Gear - Spring Pole 2

Our Spring Pole provides great exercise for dogs. Most dogs love the pulling, hanging, swinging and tugging the Spring Pole provides. This Spring Pole has a working load limit of 600 lbs! Meaning it will hold any dog. Comes with 2' of Chain to easily hang on a tree branch or wooden beam. (make sure branch or beam is strong enough to hold the tension your dog will put on it) This Spring Pole has been thoroughly tested to last. Always supervise your dog when using this exercise toy.


  • Stainless Steel Spring (Working Load 600 lbs.)
  • Heavy Duty Swivel
  • 3/8 Snap Hook
  • (2) 5/16" Quick Links
  • 25" Heavy Tug 3 knot Rope
  • 2" 5/16" Galvanized Chain

*Rope Toys might not be same color as picture.

*Spring Poles are made to order and can possibly take up to a week to ship depending on demand at that time.