Pit Bulls are exposed to Abuse and Neglect More then any other dog breed/type. The main reason for this is Dog Fighting. The "Pit Bull" tends to be the best fighting dog, because of it's strength, high pain tolerance, and desire to please it's owner. People who fight these dogs, abuse, torture and even use them as bait if they aren't good fighters. The "Pit Bull" in short, originally produced from Bull Dogs (known for their strength) and Terriers (known for their agility, energy and courage) the Pit Bull was bred to pin and control large dangerous animals, such as Bulls, Bears and Boars. NOT FOR FIGHTING! People who fight these dogs, abuse, torture and even use dogs as bait if they aren't good enough fighters (not strong enough, not aggresive, won't kill, etc.) These people are trying to live their lives through their dogs because they are insecure about themselves and are cowards. If you know of anyone who participates, promotes or spectates in dog fighting, do not hesitate to report them to the Police. Remember, dog fighting is a felony in 43 states in the U.S., and a misdemeanor in 7 states. Making it illegal in all 50 states! Also, spectating is illegal in all states except Iowa, Hawaii, Montana and Virginia. Please Help in ending Pit Bull Abuse and Animal Cruelity NOW!

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    Do you know that a chained dog feels rejected and doesn't understand why? Fastening a Dog with a chain is inhumane! Imagine being chained up year after year. You watch the door hoping someone will come out to play, and no one does. You see people walk by and look at you as they think...."That must be a mean dog to be on that big chain". You long to run, but all you can do is pace. You keep building up unreleased energy and it starts effecting your mind, making you bark constantly at everything. You shiver in the Winter and pant in the Summer. Eventually you will stop barking and give up hope. Long hours spent restrained on a chain can turn a good dog into a aggressive, neurotic, anxious animal. It is a terrible way for a dog to live. If you can't give a dog a good life, maybe you shouldn't have one!

    Animal Welfare Groups are pushing for legislation to stop it. Currently dozens of cities and six states - California, Connecticut, Maryland, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia - restrict or ban it.

    To learn more about Chained Dogs and what they go through and how you can help and also educate yourself, visit:

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